Only the Brave Will Want to Sightsee on the Glassy Glacier Skywalk

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Don't Look Down on This Vertigo-Inducing Walkway

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This is What it Looks Like to Climb the Second Highest Tower in the World

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Hanging Out in Yosemite

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Via Reddit

Climbing a Tower WIN

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Eleven Skydivers Escape From a Plane-to-Plane Collision in This Incredible Footage

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Vertigo WIN

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Your Palms Will Sweat Seeing Footage From the Top of This Hong Kong Skyscraper

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Some People Get Really, REALLY Involved in Their Cosplay

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Upside-Down Footage of Skydivers, try Not to Get Vertigo

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Your Palms Will Sweat Watching These Daredevils Conquer a Dam in L.A.

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Wingsuit Racing WIN

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The Most Extreme Place to Put an Amusement Ride? How About the 94th Floor of a Skyscraper?

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This View Should Help You Go to the Bathroom

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Fun With a Glass Floor

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Don't Look Down, That's Just a Group of Slackline Pros Making Camp in the Sky

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Via Slackline Media