Are You Brave Enough for This Swing Set?

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Try to Contain Your Vertigo Watching This Climber Tackle a Huge Chimney in Romania

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"Dangerous" Doesn't Even Begin to Describe This

only in russia climbing oh god why vertigo - 8038226176
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View From the Top WIN

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Climbing Like a Russian WIN

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If You Need Me, I'll be Clutching the Earth After Seeing This Pic

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Formation Skydive WIN

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How Far Would You Go for the Perfect Camera Shot? How About Up a Bridge Without Any Safety Gear?

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Some People Get Really, REALLY Involved in Their Cosplay

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Chalk Art WIN

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How Long Could You Stand There?

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Completely Relevant News: A Bit of a Hike

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Roof Climbing WIN

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Fun With a Glass Floor

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Bungee Jump WIN

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Vertigo WIN

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