Snow Scene WIN

calvin and hobbes g rated monster sculpture snow snowman win winter - 5733068544
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art can sculpture toys - 4168732928
Created by Unknown
sculpture design wood Video - 61458433

Ryosuke Ohtake Won't Stop Until He's Carved an Animal You Can't Tell Apart From the Original

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Sculpture WIN

art deep design sculpture stacking - 6349560832
Created by Unknown

Mechanical Songbird WIN

animal art bird Hall of Fame mechanical sculpture Steampunk - 5379552000
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Jabba Froze in My Yard

sculpture snow star wars - 4301035008
Created by Unknown

Driftwood Horse WIN

animals art design horse model repurposed sculpture wood - 5535919104
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Jointed Tree WIN

art carving clever design sculpture tree - 5496629248
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Currency Art WIN

art currency money morbid sculpture skull - 5364653568
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While Everyone's Frozen, Here's a Cool Sand Sculpture to Remind You of Summer!

sculpture sand sculpture design beach - 8047058432
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Swept Under the Rug

art sculpture design hacked irl - 8356302592
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Hyper-Realism WIN

art bust realism realistic sculpture whoa - 5199728640
Created by Unknown

Lego Mansion WIN

architecture art creepy decay Hall of Fame house lego sculpture - 5259824384
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From Waste to Wonder

sculpture design turtle - 8274045184
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Marble Manhattan WIN

art carving huge manhattan marble new york sculpture stone - 5203041792
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Sand Sculpture WIN

dragons Hall of Fame sand sand castle sculpture skills the beach - 4914318080
Created by Unknown