Balloon WIN

art balloon dinosaur fossil rawr sculpture skeleton - 5245054976
By Unknown

There Are Sweet Sand Sculptures in New Zealand Right Now

sculpture beach sand - 8055994368
Via Laughing Squid

Apple Carving WIN

apple carving food fruit sculpture - 5684784640
By Unknown
fruit design sculpture - 203525

Fete du Citron is the Celebration of Oranges You Didn't Even Know You Needed

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Paper Camera WIN

art camera design model paper sculpture - 5171429888
Via Flavorwire

Persepective Sculpture WIN

clever craft design perspective sculpture table - 5230588416
Via Dudecraft

Meeting a Gundam WIN

anime gundam nerdgasm robot sculpture - 6417830144
By Unknown

Lawn Decor WIN

art movie reference sculpture tin - 4550429184
By Jazzy811

Lego Dalek WIN

christmas dalek doctor who holidays lego nerdgasm sculpture - 5586243584
Via TDW Geeks

Breaking Out WIN

art escape installation mold sculpture statue - 5183381504
By sixonefive72

Perspective WIN

art hanging model perspective portrait sculpture - 5256525056
By Unknown

The Sculpture That Makes a Silhouette

gif nifty sculpture - 8028538624
Via Colossal

They're Mathematical, but You Can Make Art With Them too

crayon sculptures with incredible details
Via CarvedCrayons


art can sculpture toys - 4168732928
By Unknown

Swept Under the Rug

art sculpture design hacked irl - 8356302592
Via Laughing Squid
art sculpture mind blown design paper Video - 47337729

Paper Sculpture WIN

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