Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Well, Well, Well

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clever signs from a pride parade that are great puns or make excellent points

25 Hilarious Pride Signs

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This Girl is Nailing the Punny Profile Game

funny dating image girl's tinder profile pun game is strong
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If Only This Car Was Next to a Q-be

decal alphabet puns cars g rated win - 8381757184
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Pull Over and Yield to the Author

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There are 20 References to Batman and Superman in This Punny Weather Report

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star wars saga as the sun covers

The Sun Sums Up the Star Wars Saga With 25 Pun Filled Front Pages

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design g rated Hall of Fame panda puns shirt win wrestling wwf - 5856272128
By Bampatton

Captain Repentless, Your Ship is Ready

puns name win boats - 8817134848
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This Obituary Was Perfectly Executed For a Great Computer Programmer

funny obituary computer programmer wrote pun filled obituary
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Technically He's a Lion Now

Music puns funny snoop dogg store - 7646167552
By Unknown

Kick, Push, Circulate Air

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A Clever Shirt For a Lame Government

A Clever Shirt For a Lame Government
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How a Pun Lover Finds Their Soulmate

forever alone sign friends puns - 8437483008
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Just Goes to Show That Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now

Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now
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facebook post and comments making puns about alcohol and bed sheets

10 Facebook Puns Guaranteed To Make You Chuckle

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