Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Good for Single-Serving Omelettes

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Sorry, I Don't Eat Where I Pun

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It's Right Behind You!

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We Don't Have All Day, Oliver

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These Punny Ladies Want To Say Word to Your Mother

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news star wars job weather puns Video win - 76814081

This British Weather Reporter Packs 12 Star Wars Puns in 40 Seconds

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tweets of hilarious food jokes and puns

24 Hilarious Food Jokes That Will Make You Ask For More

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Get Out of Town

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I'm in Pain Over This Selfie Stick

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Out of Order WIN

Lord of the Rings puns out of order nerdgasm - 7102301952
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These Business Cards Were the Only Logical Choice

funny work image guy makes business card after getting star trek pun too many times
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Can't Even Stop These Humps

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Dealing With a Thor Thumb

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guy using chest puns on tinder

Guy Finds Himself In Breast Case Scenario With Girl on Tinder, Proceeds in Perfectly Punny Fashion

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The Venn Pie-agram

puns pie venn diagram dessert food funny g rated win - 7602024192
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news FAIL pig puns laughing classic Video name win - 74183169

This Anchorman Has One Job, But This Pig's Punny-Name is Causing Him to Crack-Up Laughing Instead

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