Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Don't Get Trapped in the Amazing Selection!

its a trap puns admiral ackbar - 8210344704

A Very Very Pun-Birthday to You!

puns prank funny - 7830480384

Thanks, Motivational SUV!

decal puns cars hacked irl license plate - 8436621568
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You Thought Katniss Was Calling for the Baker Boy This Whole Time? Think Again

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Being an Adult Means You Can Buy a Big Ol' Sweet Potato Just Because It Looks Like a Dong

funny fail image woman buys sweet potato that looks like a penis to sell it for charity
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These Business Cards Were the Only Logical Choice

funny work image guy makes business card after getting star trek pun too many times
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This Street Sign Speaks the Truth

sign puns funny - 7765359360

Pee Differently

gross puns - 8217217280
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This Sports Report Filled With Kanye Puns Might Be the Greatest Themed Sports Report of All Time

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So it's Either Empty or Full of Shit

sign puns win politics - 8970427904
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puns information Video dating - 77801729

New to Dating (Or You Just Suck at it), Don't Worry Here's a Video Casually Explaining It

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star wars themed cook book

This Amazing Homemade Star Wars Cookbook Samples the Cuisine of a Galaxy Far Far Away

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puns about mike pence and musicals

Twitter Came Up With Some Clever #NameAPenceMusical That are Equal Parts Hilarious and Depressing

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weatherman showing an approaching storm that looks like barney the dinosaur

This UK Storm Shares a Name With a Children's Purple-Dinosaur and People Are Taking The Piss Out of It

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Vending Some Ice WIN

ice t puns vending machine - 7175000064
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Sleeping Without This Will Feel UnBearable

Sleeping Without This Will Feel UnBearable
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