Do Us a Favor, Vendor Dude

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If Your Love Note Game isn't This Sweet, it's Weaker Than a Fifth-Grader's

funny dating image 5th grader gets sweetest love note of all time
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After Writing a Bad Check Years Ago, Someone Paid Back a Pizza Joint for Their Stolen Order

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You Let a Friend House Sit for a Few Days and Look What Happens

dude parts note g rated win - 8271600384
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Their Insurance is NotMyFault Coverage

funny twitter image guy hits car and leaves fake note
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Considerate WIN

film not what it looks like note notice win zombie - 6304915712
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Passive-Aggressive WIN

apartment bass car note notice passive aggressive speakers stereo warning - 5719692800
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Helpful Reminder WIN

clothing helpful note reminder tag wash - 5299678976
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Classic: Smile!

creepy note sticker - 4068121600
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Service Denial WIN

awesome at work note signs zombie - 4594546688
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teacher writes note to muslim students

Teacher Hangs Positive, Inclusive Note on Classroom Door Following Trump's Victory and the Internet Reacts

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Suggestion Number One:

clever note suggestion - 8404598528
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When You're Not an Asshole, People Will Return the Kindness

win stranger doesn't tow car and guy returns kindness by paying parking ticket
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Jerk of the Day: Passenger Leaves Rude Note For Female Pilot, but Her Response is PERFECT

monday thru friday sexism work note - 8093457920
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Hedwig Delivery WIN

clever delivery Harry Potter message note - 4924685312
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Olivia Wants to Get Out of PE Because of the Cold Weather. Mom Will Have None of it.

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