I'm Not Crying, No, There's Just Some Dust in Here...

random act of kindness note restoring faith in humanity week funny - 7813455616
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John Wilkes Booth WIN

abraham lincoln crime note response statue stealing theft vandalism - 5536810496
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teacher writes note to muslim students

Teacher Hangs Positive, Inclusive Note on Classroom Door Following Trump's Victory and the Internet Reacts

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As if Cash Could be Spent Anywhere Else

cash note food - 8014101504
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Your Parking Guardian Angel

random act of kindness note restoring faith in humanity week funny - 7879925504
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This is the Greatest Note of All Time to Leave For Someone Who Sucks at Parking

funny fail image horrible parking resulted in getting the ultimate bad parking note
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Child's Museum Review WIN

dinosaurs museum note review - 4888857600
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Jerk of the Day: Passenger Leaves Rude Note For Female Pilot, but Her Response is PERFECT

monday thru friday sexism work note - 8093457920
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Hacked IRL: Come Back Next Week

celeb hacked irl ice t note pun - 5566896640
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Laundry Revenge

laundry sign revenge note win - 8093768704
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After Writing a Bad Check Years Ago, Someone Paid Back a Pizza Joint for Their Stolen Order

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Writing on Paper WIN

99 Hall of Fame note Occupy Wall Street paper parody political - 5364024064
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Passive Aggressive Grandma Knows What's Up With Her Hose

funny parenting tweet grandma lease passive aggressive note to kids cutting her hose for bongs
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We're All Just Looking for a Bathroom Buddy

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Meeting Notice WIN

clever drugs meeting memory note notice pot - 4868144896
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This Letter is the Nicest Way to Respond to a Thief

stealing thief note - 7963998208
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