Comeback WIN

bathroom gross mirror note sign warning - 6346369024
Created by Unknown

Random Act of Kindness WIN

dinner nice note random act of kindness - 6461915392
Created by Unknown
struggle note passive aggressive funny college dating - 1104389

Girl Leaves Passive Aggressive Note for Her Neighbors to Stop Having Crazy Loud Sex, and They Have the Best Response

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Olivia Wants to Get Out of PE Because of the Cold Weather. Mom Will Have None of it.

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This Guy Was a Douchebag Parker, but Got the Best Response Because of it

sign douchebag parkers cars note parking - 8014017792
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Book Suggestion WIN

book note reading reading is sexy suggestion twilight - 5447860480
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A Jillion Fluid Ounces of Compliments

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Hopefully This Note Should Suffice

kids parenting note g rated win - 8071869184
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Kind Gesture WIN

good samaritan keys lost and found note sign - 5440255744
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When You're Not an Asshole, People Will Return the Kindness

win stranger doesn't tow car and guy returns kindness by paying parking ticket
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Please do Not Shake the Note

Etch A Sketch note funny - 7832007936
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Not a Parking Space WIN

burn douchebag parkers note parking revenge - 6192821504
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Christmas Threat WIN

christmas note package presents - 5563286784
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Passive-Aggressive WIN

apartment bass car note notice passive aggressive speakers stereo warning - 5719692800
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There is No Curse Powerful Enough for Bad Parkers, so This Note Will Have to Do

douchebag parkers note parking win - 8209357824
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Spider-Hunter WIN

sign lightsaber spider note - 6792563968
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