She Was Looking For Something a Little More In Tents

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Please do Not Shake the Note

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Classic: Smile!

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Jerk of the Day: Passenger Leaves Rude Note For Female Pilot, but Her Response is PERFECT

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Fair Warning WIN

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Would You Go For This Money-Making Reunion?

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If You Accidentally Steal Someone's Car, This is Probably the Nicest Note You Could Return it With

funny fail facebook image woman finds car stolen by accident with nice return note
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Caught WIN

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Laundry Revenge

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Parking Note WIN

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Girl Leaves Passive Aggressive Note for Her Neighbors to Stop Having Crazy Loud Sex, and They Have the Best Response

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A Jillion Fluid Ounces of Compliments

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This Guy Was a Douchebag Parker, but Got the Best Response Because of it

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Comeback WIN

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Your Parking Guardian Angel

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After Writing a Bad Check Years Ago, Someone Paid Back a Pizza Joint for Their Stolen Order

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