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Quality Customer Service

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Yes, Your License Photo Looks Terrible - by Design!

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You Won't Get Tips, but You're Still Right

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Parts Location WIN

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Stealth Tips WIN

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A Mother's Struggle With Back-To-School Shopping For One of Her Children Ends in a Heartwarming Realization That Customer Service is Not Dead

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Customer Service WIN

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Airline Service WIN

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Dude Instantly Becomes New Black Friday Hero After His Hilarious Exchange With Tesco

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customer realizes they've been scammed 6 years later | u/kingsooraj 7 hours ago TIFU by realising got scammed 6 years ago M So this happened 6 years ago. My laptop with 8 GB RAM stopped working so showed repair guy. He took laptop, repaired and returned after 2 days laptop started working again and really happy. However speed felt slower than before. Previously could open multiple chrom tabs and still be able play games while they were open but now would drop lot frames and my laptop would start

Customer Realizes They Were Scammed 6 Years Later

Better late than never?
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