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Airline Service WIN

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Attention to Detail WIN

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Troll Creates Fake Target Customer Service Account, Responds To Gender-Neutral Haters

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Xbox customer service employee does a freestyle for customer after they request it in awesome support chat.

Guy Asks Xbox Support Employee to Freestyle, 5-Star Customer Service Ensues

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Now THAT's Some Customer Service!

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Bag it Up Please!

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A restaurant owner completely squashes a fake bad review | Hi L an here, one an appreciate have taken time leave this review experience Bull yesterday but would like point out few issues with critique experience conveniently omitted owners review.

Choosing Beggar Leaves Fake Bad Review, Restaurant Owner Responds

Beautifully handled.
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The Best Kind of Customer Service

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The Hampton Inn Goes Above and Beyond for a Customer

customer service hotel Fresh Prince of Bel-Air funny - 7876249856
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Phone Policy WIN

cell phone clever customer service ouch phone rude - 6308595712
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cars customer service DIY Video - 59992065

Get Some Red Rider BB Guns and We Have a Full-On Nostalgia-Mobile

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Yes, Your License Photo Looks Terrible - by Design!

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This is Not the Gold They're Looking for

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Customer Service With a Sense for the Absurd

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Relative Prices WIN

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