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A stylist stays professional with an angry and inconsiderate Karen |  need my hair done need tomorrow sorry actually don't have any openings until week after next might have spot next week if opens up but as right now don't have anything about Sep 1st 10?

Stylist Stays Professional With Angry Karen

Good riddance, Karen.
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Parts Location WIN

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Tip Amount WIN

customer service math receipt - 4492326144
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Now This is a Customer Service WIN

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customer service bars list facebook notes Video win - 1054213

After Leaving His Car Parked Overnight, This Bar Left the Perfect Note

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Robot Shortage WIN

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customer service facebook story Video - 155655

One Woman's Viral Customer Service Story is a Reminder That We Are All Human

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customer service geek lego kids awesome letter win - 985349

Epic Response From LEGO To Little Boy's Letter Is How Every Company Should Handle Customer Service

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Service WIN

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Quality Customer Service

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customer service skype funny money - 1476613

Dude's Skype Account Randomly Shows $42 Million Dollar Balance, Hilarious Customer Service Conversation Ensues

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Bag it Up Please!

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The Hampton Inn Goes Above and Beyond for a Customer

customer service hotel Fresh Prince of Bel-Air funny - 7876249856
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Airline Service WIN

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Troll Creates Fake Target Customer Service Account, Responds To Gender-Neutral Haters

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