Some People Were Born Without Fear

crazy biking BAMF vertigo - 7401890048
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crazy anvil Video hydraulic press win - 86018561

The Hydraulic Press is Back At It Again to Crush the Life Out of an Anvil

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Getting a Smooch WIN

crazy moose animals - 7036711168
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Hacked IRL: The Crazy is in the Eyes

crazy googly eyes hacked irl poster wedding - 5451801344
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crazy news sports nfl florida football Video - 498436

This Straightfoward Football Question is Exactly Why the Local News in Florida Should Be Considered as Entertainment

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bungee jumping crazy mine nope scary Video - 29864961

Gold Mine Jump WIN

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crazy extreme skydiving stunt Video - 34295553

Skydiving WIN

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Doodle Art WIN

art bust crazy detail doodle greek - 5419609344
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crazy Spider-Man climbing BAMF Video - 47303681

The Human Spider-Man, Living Up to His Name

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People describe their wildest butterfly effect situations from small decisions | lulun97 6h 3 4 Awards sent friend secondary school (who had huge crush on message saying happy birthday couple years after left school. Did whole have catch up soon thing, not expecting much. He replied with about Monday saw him Monday coffee. Next month will be our 6th anniversary. Best thing ever happened My friends joke queen escaping friendzone

Craziest Butterfly Effects From People's Small Decisions

The universe works in mysterious ways.
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crazy dive hotel ocean stunt Video - 27227905

Crazy Jump WIN

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crazy kids watermelon Video win - 77197825

This Kid Goes Savage on a Whole Watermelon

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BAMF crazy flying jet sky diving Video - 29806593

Jet Man WIN

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Someone Just Found the Real-Life Severus Snape

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Skydiving WIN

crazy plane skydiving - 5012594432
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