backflip car crazy jump stunt Video - 25467393

Crazy Jumps WIN

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Doodle Art WIN

art bust crazy detail doodle greek - 5419609344
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crazy news sports nfl florida football Video - 498436

This Straightfoward Football Question is Exactly Why the Local News in Florida Should Be Considered as Entertainment

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crazy scuba shark BAMF Video - 47726849

How Crazy Do You Have to Be to Swim Like This?

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You'd Have to be Crazy to Swim With This Reptile

crazy scuba animals - 7133162752
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Why Not Add the Fear of Death to Your Next Sliding Trip?

crazy gif water slide BAMF funny g rated win - 7463197952
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Tenant WIN

crazy name - 4326763776
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crazy ice only in russia skating Video - 39793409

On Thin Ice WIN

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Someone Just Found the Real-Life Severus Snape

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compilation crazy stunt Video - 34128897

Winning All the Time WIN

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Swedish Man Sets Ablaze Giant Straw Goat In Honor of Christmas Tradition

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People describe their wildest butterfly effect situations from small decisions | lulun97 6h 3 4 Awards sent friend secondary school (who had huge crush on message saying happy birthday couple years after left school. Did whole have catch up soon thing, not expecting much. He replied with about Monday saw him Monday coffee. Next month will be our 6th anniversary. Best thing ever happened My friends joke queen escaping friendzone

Craziest Butterfly Effects From People's Small Decisions

The universe works in mysterious ways.
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Getting a Smooch WIN

crazy moose animals - 7036711168
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Skydiving WIN

crazy plane skydiving - 5012594432
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Video of woman jumping onto a hood of a car to fend off car thief.

Women Heroically Avoids Car Jacking By Jumping On Her Car

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crazy scary car crash - 85149697

Holy Shit, This Dude Careened Off Highway, Totaled His Car, and Walked Away Unscathed

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