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Dude Casually Becomes Legend, Goes for a Walk 2,500ft in the Air Straight Across a Slackline on Yosemite's Upper Falls

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Snake takes out a motorcycle

Snake With Dangerous Case of Road Rage Tries to Take out Motorcyclist

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Doodle Art WIN

art bust crazy detail doodle greek - 5419609344
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bungee jumping crazy mine nope scary Video - 29864961

Gold Mine Jump WIN

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People describe their wildest butterfly effect situations from small decisions | lulun97 6h 3 4 Awards sent friend secondary school (who had huge crush on message saying happy birthday couple years after left school. Did whole have catch up soon thing, not expecting much. He replied with about Monday saw him Monday coffee. Next month will be our 6th anniversary. Best thing ever happened My friends joke queen escaping friendzone

Craziest Butterfly Effects From People's Small Decisions

The universe works in mysterious ways.
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Getting a Smooch WIN

crazy moose animals - 7036711168
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Someone Just Found the Real-Life Severus Snape

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rare moments that go against the odds | My cat went missing 2 days, so put an advert on Facebook. Literally 5 mins after my cat comes door. 30 mins later, my neighbour comes and drops off he thought my cat. Now have two identical cats. | pole going through a car window and barely missing the driver

Rare And Well-Timed Moments That Went Against The Odds

Roll those dice.
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Tumblr thread on customers crazy coffee orders | say this jokingly but had customer actually order pumpkin spice latte with 9 shots espresso (also no whip) and asked her verify she did indeed want 9 shots espresso she looked dead eyes and said have 5 kids" witchcraft-with-space-bean once had woman come and ordered an Americano with 19 shots espresso drink took ages held up line asked

Tumblr Thread: Customers' Mythically Powerful Coffee Orders

It's some kind of monster.
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BAMF crazy dangerous train Video - 62674177

If You've Ever Wondered if That Hollywood-Style "Jumping On a Moving Train" Stunt Was Possible: Yes

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BAMF crazy flying jet sky diving Video - 29806593

Jet Man WIN

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Tenant WIN

crazy name - 4326763776
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Hacked IRL: The Crazy is in the Eyes

crazy googly eyes hacked irl poster wedding - 5451801344
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crazy flight helicopter invention Video - 40760321

Personal Helicopter WIN

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Villafane Pumpkins WIN

carving crazy detailed halloween pumpkins sculpture - 5357216256
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memes about brothers and sisters that we love even if we would never admit it

The Perfect Memes To Share With Your Siblings

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