Hand Giraffe WIN

art clever cute - 4324486912

Crazy Dog WIN

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By sixonefive72

Hacked IRL: I Really Is

clever graffiti hacked wordplay - 4703205888
By Unknown

Boom! Instant Pillow Fort.

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By Unknown

CLASSIC: Test Answers WIN

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Via Bits and Pieces

Defense WIN

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By Unknown

Rising Table WIN

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Via Neatorama

Fashion Ad WINopping bags,

ads clever shopping bags - 4874300928
By Snake73

Hacked IRL: I Got Ya Buddy

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Via Colossal

Ant Catching WIN

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Via The High Definite

Close Enough WIN

clever open sign - 6568894464
Via Reddit

Health Tip WIN

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Via Bits and Pieces

Crow Signs WIN

animals clever juxtaposition signs - 4675221760
By Unknown
clever compilation gifs sound Video - 42365441

GIFs + Sound = WIN Pt. 2!

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Hacked IRL: Monkey Business

art clever garbage hacked - 4331105792
By Unknown

If You Want Better Answers, Ask Better Questions

win image clever homework answer is technically right
Via Nhjufy
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