Hacked IRL: Lawn Maintance WIN

clever grass lawn p33n revenge - 4845875968
Created by prscott933

Credit Card Reply WIN

art clever cute letter trolling - 4658571776
Created by Unknown

Anger Management WIN

clever plates stress vending machine - 5277276928
Created by kolbaszka
clever funny Video - 50935041

This is a Clever Solution to the Puddle Problem

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Eclipse Ring WIN

clever eclipse perspective photography ring - 6264637440
Created by Unknown

Hacked IRL: So That's How They Shot Volcano

art clever computer hacked lava technology trolling - 4586693376
Created by Unknown

Succinct WIN

clever Death grave life morbid tombstone - 5244071936
Created by Unknown

Broken English WIN

clever notes signs spelling zing - 4368341248
Created by Unknown

Ballet Ad WIN

advertising ballet clever notes - 4539296512
Created by Unknown

Clever-Mean Ad WIN

advertising bus clever ouch - 5949010688
Via Cubicle Bot


clever school tests - 4372132864
Created by Unknown

TP Design WIN

bathroom clever design toilet paper - 6348901120
Via Laughing Squid

Bat-Graph WIN

batman clever Hall of Fame school - 5027471104
Created by Unknown

Free Pot WIN

advertisement awesome at work clever drugs marijuana pot - 4372025600
Created by Unknown

Costume Extravaganza WIN

clever costume DIY halloween nerdgasm pop culture - 5375056384
Created by Lazor05

Stealth Tips WIN

clever customer service restaurant sign store tips - 5199280640
Created by Unknown
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