Acoustic Guitar Jam Session WIN

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Created by sixonefive72
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Awesome of the Day: Someone Invented a Pie-Throwing Robot Just like NEPTR from Adventure Time!

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Created by glass_dreamer
Hot Air Balloon stunt Video g rated win - 58384129

Taking a Balancing Act to the Skies. WAY Up to the Skies.

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Routine Cleanup WIN

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beer clever whee Video - 67873281

Taking a Ride on Some Beer Crates

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The Mom of This Cancer Patient Asks for a Pizza, the Internet Delivers an Entire Party

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Via Uproxx
Cheezburger Image 67930881

Love Story of the Day: Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Grow Up, Get Married

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Square Roots

mother nature ftw tree g rated win - 8074316032

So Much Setup for Such Beautiful Destruction

Dominoes gif funny - 7807256320
Music infographic Video - 59559937

Ready the Slow Motion and Pause Buttons for Mac Lethal's Rap on Ellen

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If We Can Work Out the Kinks, this Kind of Zoo Would be the BEST

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Via Daily Fail Center
poop parenting food Video - 78091009

Imagine When This Kid Finds Out Everything He Eats Turns Into Poop

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Created by Unknown

The Real Krusty Krab is Coming to Palestine

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Via Laughing Squid

Hacked IRL: So That's What That Smell Is

hacked new york nyc sexual Subway - 4750021888
Via Darlinda

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