CLASSIC: Runaround WIN

business clever door logic sign - 5226596352
Created by Unknown

1-1 WIN

mario modification nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros wall - 5304883712
Created by Unknown

Happy Hour: Stash WIN

bookshelf happy hour secret - 4628498176
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warning - 3900666112
Created by Unknown

Mexican Food WIN

business mexico politics restaurant sign - 5251476736
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Fresh Eggs WIN

double entendre eggs food pun - 5797041152
Via Supergreat

The Pumpkin That Surpasses All Understanding

pumpkins halloween carving funny - 7864053760
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superhero action figures

This Photographer is Creating a Superhero-Inspired Toy Story on Instagram and Apparently I Have No Idea How To Play With Action Figures

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australia food christmas Video - 76965889

Australians Try Eggnog For The First Time

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My Shipment Came In WIN

load nerdgasm r2-d2 star wars truck - 6264871936
Created by Unknown

Life-Size Monopoly WIN

board game huge monopoly - 5277815808
Via Polish that Turd!

Free Stuff WIN

chicken food free stuff pun sign take one - 5565014272
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Your Own Newton's Cradle Fridge Magnet!

shut up and take my money magnets fridge - 8399673600
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You Have Something to Say About My Eating Habits?

bacon food breakfast g rated win - 7984756224
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ice winter Video - 56891137

Just How Much Ice Can One Roof Hold?

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Completely Relevant News: Mess With the Best...

BAMF bear chuck norris news Probably bad News - 6612654080
Created by Chris ( Via CBC )