Yes, That 170 Pound Weight is Attached Exactly Where You Think

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vine clever friends proposal TV fans Video win - 137222

More Than One Set of Friends Fans Got Engaged While the Set Was on Tour in the UK

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Amazing New Construction Technology

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back flip bike stunt Video whee - 37488385

Double Backflip WIN

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Stealth Tips WIN

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Cheezburger Image 3850970368
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China zoo BAMF animals g rated win - 71215105

The Crane('s) Technique Defeats Tiger(s) in This Chinese Zoo

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Attention Sign WIN

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translation BAMF Video writing - 46267393

Two-Handed Writing WIN

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videos martial arts fight BAMF g rated win - 65750017

Some of the Coolest Fight Choreography You'll See on the Internet

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The Only Vehicle You Need During the Quickening

cars license plate g rated win - 8169620224
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Folding Bike WIN

backpack bike Hiking - 5047106816

Fooling a Butterfly WIN

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Freaky Elevator WIN

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rick and morty wtf court parody true story Video - 81720577

Rick and Morty Read a Super NSFW Transcript From a REAL Court Room

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3D printing science Video technology g rated win - 58789633

We're That Much Closer to Metal 3D Printing, and It's Hypnotizing to Watch

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