TL;DR: Budget Hotel WIN

awesome at work europe notes signs - 4288510976
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hypnotic science Video g rated win - 67260929

A Robotic Plate Deftly Balances a Ball on its Own

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news FAIL pig puns laughing classic Video name win - 74183169

This Anchorman Has One Job, But This Pig's Punny-Name is Causing Him to Crack-Up Laughing Instead

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kitten beach Party Cats Video - 258055

It's a Real Kitten Beach Party for #WhiskerWednesday!

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nostalgia cartoons - 85811713

The Voice of 90s Nostalgia Speaks in This Interview With the Vocal Chords Behind All Those Weird Sounds on "Doug"

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farming farmer clever design DIY Video g rated win - 69212161

Farming Smart, Not Hard

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Hacked IRL: You Just Don't Get His Feelings

grafitti hacked irl message - 4724569600
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A British Police Advertisement for Old Cell Doors is Really a Clever Reminder of Where You DON'T Want to End Up

police image A British Police Advertisement for Old Cell Doors is Really a Clever Reminder of Where You DON'T Want to End Up
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Math and Snowshoes Can Make Some Amazing Snowy Art

art snow awesome math - 8396983808
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fight ridiculous Video - 85115137

'Cash Me Ousside' Girl And Her Mom Start Up A Brawl On A Plane, and This Video Is Just Ridiculous

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Remote WIN

awesome product clever remote control - 4700024576
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Your Movember Was Not as Productive as This Guy's

movember facial hair design funny g rated win - 7934785536
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Taking a Drive WIN

BAMF driving highway jet road what - 6154483200
art sculpture design Video - 61911809

Robots Sculpt Faster and Better Than We Could Ever Hope

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interesting and valuable things people found in the trash | Handwriting - Duck-Yo-Couch 2 days ago Once I found a perfectly good stationary bike that my neighbors threw out that I cleaned up then used for years. Can't believe this day comes only 52 times a year.

The Best Stuff People Found In The Garbage

One person's trash is another person's very valuable, useful trash.
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When You Can't Relate to All That Star Wars Hype

star wars the simpsons - 8598175744
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