Gifs of the salmon cannon in action

The Salmon Cannon is Taking Over the Internet One Dam At a Time

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chainsaw invention drones Video - 79218177

This Insanely Dangerous Drone is One Way to Welcome the Darwin Awards into 2016

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Vandelism WIN

awesome at work justin bieber - 4494007296
Created by iamstilgar

You Can't Stop This

sign funny - 7845100288

Please Do Not Startle the Room

sign alarm puns funny g rated win - 7673198336
Via Reddit
skills juggling Video - 58616065

Kick Back, Relax, and Watch a Little Ring Juggling

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Momma Said Rock You Out WIN

brass knuckles combination crystals nature weapons - 4769157888
Created by Unknown

Odd Music WIN

cute kids Music tests - 4508430592
Created by OpusMiloLister

Rootbound WIN

best of week design Hall of Fame stairs - 6566537216
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Parenting WIN

costume Hall of Fame halloween kid parenting pop culture television the office - 5305049344
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fighting BAMF funny Video win - 54972417

In Poland, You Join a "Fight Club" in Full Medieval Armor and Weapons

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compilation BAMF funny Video - 53147905

The Internet is Still Awesome in 2013

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This Chinese Beekeeper Put 450,000 Bugs on His Body, Because Why Not?

bees stunt BAMF g rated win - 8143708416
Via The Guardian

Recipient WIN

celeb fight club movie reference - 4369238784
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Manly WIN

BAMF cool story bro manly news story - 5986162688
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funny tinder bio

This Tinder Bro Has Mastered the Art of Breaking the Ice

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