Music saxophone Video win - 73863425

Give Your Ears a Treat, Listen to this Saxophone Being Played in an Empty Warehouse

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working at a haunted house

Reading Stories of Working at a Haunted House Just Proves That Scaring People For Money is One of the Best Jobs Ever

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athletics gymnastics sports synchronized Video - 26831873

Synchronized WIN

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Baking Tray WIN

baking design kitchen - 7102034176
Via I Heart Chaos

South Park Snow WIN

cartman cartoons pop culture rural sculpture snow South Park suburbia - 5180447232
Created by Unknown

Prediction WIN

accident flip irony sign truck - 6350470400
Created by Unknown
Video compilation of some of the funniest memes and video clips that internet has ever breathed out their nose at that slightly faster pace

Top Funny Memes: #61 - Smileworthy

Try watching these clips and not smiling. Dare you.
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Casual Optical Illusion on the Tube

win image Optical Illusion on the Tube

DIY Color Flame WIN

DIY fireplace pretty colors rainbow science - 5220109568
Via Neatorama
dancing How To Video - 52307201

This Woman Learned to Dance in a Year, Could You?

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pedobear - 3488263168
Created by Unknown
rube goldberg machine science Video g rated win Hall of Fame best of week - 45424897

Gravity WIN

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Socially Awkward Penguin WIN

socially awkward penguin whoops animals cute - 6629378560
Created by Unknown
skydiving proposal wedding engagement Video - 68686337

A Marriage Proposal at Several Thousand Feet

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They're Mathematical, but You Can Make Art With Them too

crayon sculptures with incredible details
Via CarvedCrayons

This Family is in Need of a Furniture Replacement

retro couch coincidence - 7119640064
Created by Unknown

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