nsfw encounters with famous people

15 People Share Their Most Ridiculous NSFW Celebrity Encounters, and I Don't Know What to Believe Anymore

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Corner Light WIN

clever corner decoration design light - 5922162176
fireworks winter skiing Video win - 77536769

Who Knew Night Skiing With Flares Taped To Your Skis Would Be This Beautiful?

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cars driving BAMF funny Video g rated win - 56154625

This Stunt Driving Course is Like a Video Game Brought to Life

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Snow Globe WIN

star wars nerdgasm g rated win - 6871627264

When You Gotta Ride in Comfort...

Via Acid Cow
lightsaber Video - 77860097

This Austin Road Rage Battle Turned Into an Epic Lightsaber Fight

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This Army Specialist Had the BEST Response After Being Denied Leave to a Baby Shower

parenting army - 8807447296
Via Backpacks_Got_Jets
fire slow mo science match Video - 57812481

Watch This Dazzling Clip of a Match Being Lit in Super Slow-Mo

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mother nature ftw time lapse Travel Video - 62111745

Take a Time-Lapse Trip Around the World in Just Five Minutes!

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aquarium dancing michael jackson Music seal Video - 40211969

Dancing to the King WIN

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heartwarming medicine science Video bionic - 69002241

This Bionic Arm Is Pretty Great

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Ride 'em Cowboy, but Look Fabulous!

design LED horses pretty colors funny - 7924319488
Via Kickstart it Here!
friendship twitter baby Video win - 473348

Friendship Goals: This Woman and Baby at a Christmas Party

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Yearbook Quote WIN

quote race santa wtf yearbook - 4499325184
Created by Unknown

Well, That's a Convenient Burnout

Via eels_no1

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