Youngest Entrepreneur of The Year

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Balance WIN

balance mountain stunt tightrope vertigo - 5130785280
Created by Unknown
awesome dating marriage win romance Video - 86298625

Guy Wakes Up His Wife In Most Legendary Way Possible For Her Birthday

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Self-Portrait WIN

Brother Nature FTW heights photography self portrait vertigo - 5621595904
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lasers robots Video g rated win - 57292545

The Robots Are Going to Destroy us All, and Here's the Evidence

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Kickass Kid BAMF Video - 63201537

This Kid is Already Good Enough to Make You Look Like a Chump at the Gym

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inflatable whee Video childhood enhanced water park - 69439489

Ibiza Has an Inflatable Water Playground for Adults

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BAMF waterfall Video stunt - 56921601

An Insane Daredevil Casually Does a Backflip Down a Waterfall

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dexterity juggling nice save trick Video - 33467649

Foot-Juggling WIN

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trailers Ghostbusters Video - 78572033

Well, the All-Female Ghostbusters Remake Trailer is Finally Here

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Sand Calendar WIN

art sand sculpture - 6905928704
Created by richard.pearson.3323 ( Via Feed Floyd )

Hashtag of the Day: Twitter Unleashes #HisNameIsCayden to Defend a Three-Year-Old from a Racist Facebook Post

After a coworker posts a racist picture of Cayden Jace, his mother and grandmother start #HisNameIsCayden to fight back.
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advertisement alcohol drinking green happy hour - 4284536064
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Bus Buddy WIN

cute public transit dogs bus - 7039979264
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Ad Juxtaposition WIN

billboard Ad juxtaposition - 6907514624
Created by Alex Simmons

Are You Tough Enough for the Slopes?

sign clever skiing g rated win - 8433677056
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