back to the future Video win - 81550081

You're Not a Real 'Back to the Future' Super-Fan till You Build a DeLorean Hot Tub Time Machine Like This Dude

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drive thru fast food Video - 66948353

If All Fast Food Employees Were This Great, We'd Get Burgers and Fries Every Day

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CD Collection WIN

bob marley CD clever design Music - 6508960256
Via Reddit

Push-Ups WIN

push ups wheelchair BAMF working out - 7136347904
Cheezburger Image 23496449

Uncanny Valley WIN

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Taxidermy WIN

animals bones humans hybrid taxidermy - 4779283968
Created by sixonefive72
list cute Cats funny - 642821

Someone Met a Stray Cat and Documented It From Capture to Friendship on Snapchat

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technology Video - 72177665

Blendtec Decided To Celebrate Summer By Blending Markers

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parenting BAMF Video olympics - 310788

Former Javelin-Tossing Olympian Bryan Clay Uses His Craft to Yank Out His Kid's Tooth

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goals Remi Gaillard soccer sports stunt tricks Video - 38159361

Soccer Tricks WIN

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Kindness Counts

win police - 8566110208
Created by anselmbe

It's the Coolest Patio Furniture Out There

Via LDugdale

This is the Prototype for the Big Lebowski Pinball Machine, Because There Are RULES Man

arcade shut up and take my money the big lebowski pinball g rated win - 8335304960
Via Geekologie
grandma driving old people lamborghini Video win - 78597889

There's Only One Problem For Two Grannies in a Lamborghini...

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Video of girl getting surprise from funny adult-themed cake.

Birthday Cake Has Hilarious NSFW Surprise Ending

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cops random act of kindness sports basketball Video police - 71249409

Cops in the Bronx Happily School Some Locals in a Game of Basketball

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