Ugliest Tattoos

face tattoos

If you're not Mike freaking Tyson, just don't get a face tattoo. Just don't. To prove our point, check out everyone who ignored our sage wisdom.

Allforlove... Andalittleforattention

illegible tattoos face tattoos love - 7044090624
Created by nerdsquad

Were You Chewing On a Pen?

face tattoos - 6574854144
Created by Unknown

Is That the Phillies Logo Mixed in There With All That Other BS?

face tattoos - 6587566848

Save Your Breasts, Destroy Your Face

face tattoos stars - 6310712064
Via Jukeboy

Two Peas in a Pod

face tattoos tattoos everywhere - 6544594176

Keep Reaching for the Stars

tattoos everywhere face tattoos - 6997784576
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos
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