Ugliest Tattoos

face tattoos

If you're not Mike freaking Tyson, just don't get a face tattoo. Just don't. To prove our point, check out everyone who ignored our sage wisdom.

"I Have a Crazy Idea"

face tattoos neck tattoos - 4967347968
Created by Sinn3rman

If this is a mugshot I can think of a reason or two...

face tattoos - 5686937856

A Little Bird Told Me

bird face tattoos - 6424124928
Created by Unknown

Peter Criss Has Let Himself Go

face tattoos mugshots - 7121862400
Via River Front Times

Marriage is Actually Less of a Commitment Than Eyebrow Tattoos

eyebrows face tattoos - 7332329472

Those Badass Stars Really Drive Home the Point

face tattoos stars - 5917523200
Created by Unknown

Mistakes Were Made

scarification face tattoos piercings - 7140730112
Created by Emi_Chan

Ugliest Tattoos: Looking Good

bad idea face tats face tattoos g rated mug shots tattoos tribal Ugliest Tattoos words - 4988555520

You've Got a Little Something on Your Face

face tattoos - 6534743296
Created by Unknown

Hello Sh*tty

face tattoos hello kitty - 6256903936
Via F**k Off S**t Tattoos

I Got My Mind on My Money and My Money on My Mind

face tattoos forehead tattoos - 6331405568

Nice Going, Florida

face tattoos - 6843711744

Trve Kvlt Gangstas

face tattoos - 6742438400

Bro Brows

eyebrow tattoos face tattoos - 6320709888
Via Jack Murph

Just Because You've Been on the News Doesnt Mean You're A Celebrity

eyebrows face tattoos - 7321635328

"You Damn Kids and Your Skateboards!"

old man face tattoos - 7047143168

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