Ugliest Tattoos

face tattoos

If you're not Mike freaking Tyson, just don't get a face tattoo. Just don't. To prove our point, check out everyone who ignored our sage wisdom.

People to Avoid...

face tattoos diamond - 6901487872
Created by paxpsych0sis

"Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?... Meth"

the joker face tattoos body mods piercings - 7132502016
Created by Mimi


face tattoos mugshots - 6902936576
Created by Unknown

Man, Overboard

face tattoos - 6684034048
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Emo Granny

face tattoos - 6556535296
Created by Star

Bro Brows

eyebrow tattoos face tattoos - 6320709888
Via Jack Murph

"I'd Eat Your Soul, if My Mouth Wasn't Pinned Shut"

face tattoos stars piercings - 6952001024

Tears of a Spiderman

face tattoos spider web Spider-Man - 6275753728

Bride of Tygra

animal print body tattoos face tattoos - 6348317696

Yo Dawg, I Heard U Like Faces!

face tattoos portrait tattoos - 6773162496

It's Called 'Blue Waffles'

face tattoos knuckle tattoos - 6345104128

Peter Criss Has Let Himself Go

face tattoos mugshots - 7121862400
Via River Front Times

Mike Tyson Would Be Proud

face tattoos - 6067237376
Created by AM's BodyArt

A Tribe Called Queef

face tattoos Hall of Fame piercings tribal tattoos - 6212256768
Created by Unknown

All the Money Symbols on His Face Must Mean He's Rich

face tattoos Hall of Fame - 5916604672

WARNING: Do Not Date

face tattoos - 6393533440
Via Reddit

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