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animals muppets pop culture television words - 3252038144
Created by Unknown

Happy Halloween, Boys and Ghouls!

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Via F*** Yeah, Tattoos

Lurking Beneath the Sewers of New New York Perhaps?

futurama - 6055593216
Created by Sammy Rank

If You Love Something, You Should Definitely Tattoo It On Your Body

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Via Amanda Gray 1993


words - 4687836416
Created by Unknown

"I'd Eat Your Soul, if My Mouth Wasn't Pinned Shut"

face tattoos stars piercings - 6952001024
Created by Unknown

A Fully Thoracic Spine Without a Sacrum and Tailbone

anatomy tattoos funny - 7655857408
Created by Unknown

I Never "Smageruned" This!

believe Hall of Fame illegible tattoo motto - 6153797632
Created by Bayne666


movies pop culture songs and song lyrics spell check words - 4628165120
Created by rtyfesdr

Alignment FAIL

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Created by Unknown

Classic: Easy Come Easy Go

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Created by phil ( Via Cracked )

Don't Even Know Where to Start With This

bad anime tattoos funny - 7465565696
Created by J.

DUDE What Does Mine Say?

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Created by lucky1


bones spell check tramp stamps words - 4015565824
Created by Unknown

Is That Film Director Kevin Smith?

neck tattoos - 6837355264
Created by mike ( Via UTICAOD )

If Only You Could Buy Back Your Tattoo

back tattoos life - 5985931520
Created by a rotten friend

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