There, I Fixed It


Junk In The Trunk is an Understatement

moving overkill safety first truck wtf - 4514038528
Created by Robert K

Needs Moar Canopy

car fix canopy pickup truck car fail - 6862562304
Created by Greg


extension Kludge truck truck bed - 3946274816
Created by Dan L.

Drunk Fixin'

rear window drunk pickup truck - 6952002304
Created by Eric

When in Rome, Kludge as the Romans Kludge

car Kludge scooter truck vehicle - 6232436480
Created by Mokolo

What ISN'T It?

vehicle suv van pickup truck hybrid boat - 6796302592
Created by Killershrews

Never, Ever Make More Than One Trip

g rated overkill Professional At Work towing truck - 5589644288
Created by dstryker

It's Just a Little Bit Extra, She'll Hold Together!

moving van pickup truck gas station pickup truck moving oversize load - 6766634240
Created by Unknown

Nice Prius Repellant Stacks

car hybrid parking lot swag truck wheels - 6284766976
Created by Belladonna Atropa

Hold on, Amos, We're About to Get on the Freeway

pickups truck moving funny - 7519255808
Created by Unknown

Bill's Discount Funeral Service

dual use funeral hearse truck - 5089044736
Created by JasonTehRedneck

So is it a Mobile Home, Then?

mobile home moving van rv truck - 6271045888
Created by nofeer

If You Want a Pickup, You'll Have to Step Up Your Game

pickup truck truck bed - 6301329920
Created by Unknown

Towing Capacity

car towing truck - 6053756416
Created by littleLacy

Half-Truck, Half-Boat. Troat?

truck boat g rated there I fixed it - 7055435008
Via Reddit

Extreme Makeover Sport Trak Edition

car frankenstein its-a-truck-now truck - 4331182592
Created by Unknown
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