There, I Fixed It


Here to take a dump? Toilet jokes, memes ,and everything in between will provide you with hours of mirth while you snicker behind your hand. So whether your humor is already as dirty as the flush handle, or you're looking to expand outwards, this hilarious toilet humor will have you chuckling in no time.

Use a Brush to Fix the Flush

bathroom brush drainage flush flushing stopper toilet - 6506087168
Created by E

Catches All The Dripping Crap

bbq cooking dual use gross toilet - 5284945920
Created by Unknown

Save Water!

washing machine bathroom toilet g rated there I fixed it - 6808318464
Created by titifraise

Dryer, You Are Drunk

dryer bathroom toilet - 7128887808
Created by Epicurme

How to Flush When Your Flusher Is Stolen

bathroom beer beer can can flush flushing toilet - 5744498432
Created by A.J. P.
bottle Kludge plastic toilet Video - 6402049


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Why You Leave The Seat Up

christmas christmas tree toilet - 5359605248
Created by Unknown

Oh Bears, You So Fancy

bathroom kludge nature toilet - 5036862208
Created by Unknown

They Call It the "Throne" for a Reason!

bathroom toilet - 6769413888
Created by Unknown

Child Proofing At Its Finest

bathroom holding it down plumbing poll Professional At Work quick fix tape toilet - 4814122496
Created by Unknown

The Circle of Life

after 12 bathroom keg restroom toilet urinal - 6253173504
Created by Unknown

There's a Hole In Your Bucket

dual use plumbing toilet - 5682798336

This System Is In the Crapper

bathroom computers Professional At Work technology toilet - 4196254208
Created by Unknown

Big Holes, Anyone?

bathroom hole in the wall restroom tank toilet toilet tank wall - 6276514560
Created by Tripointlogic

The Romans Would be Proud

bathroom kludge plumbing redirect sink solo cups toilet - 4422678272
Created by Otter

My Wife Hates It When I Pee in the Shower

bathroom shower toilet urinal - 6452145408
Created by Geesus
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