There, I Fixed It


My Drunk Kitchen

bathroom kitchen plumbing sink toilet wtf - 5299475200
Created by Unknown

No Plumber Required

plumbing there I fixed it - 7848278784
Created by binarycortex

Just Wrench It To The Right

dual use duct tape plumbing tools - 4998813184
Created by dhill10

Ductape is Also Known as Plumbers-Tape

plumbing sink duct tape - 7402347776
Created by Stewart Seidel

His and Hers Shower Head

plumbing shower wtf - 5821507840
Created by DogAteMyCheezburger

The Romans Would be Proud

bathroom kludge plumbing redirect sink solo cups toilet - 4422678272
Created by Otter

I Can Handle This!

bad puns cars plumbing tap - 4580995584
Created by bachaddict

Let The Bimmer Deal With It

home improvement neighbors plumbing - 5302450944
Created by Epha

More Than One Way To Fill A Bucket

bucket measurement plumbing sink water - 4582981376
Created by dale

Faucet Had a Rough Night Out

plumbing sink water wtf - 5244552960
Created by Unknown

The Science of Arrows

bathroom plumbing urinal wtf - 5849840896
Created by Hoopi

Better Than a Tea Kettle

dual use fire heater hot tub jacuzzi plumbing water - 4801354496
Created by Stefan

Follow The Piping!

landlord pipes plumbing wtf - 5270646016
Created by isabelle127


bathroom Kludge pipes plumbing - 3979681792

Toilet Leak: Disaster Averted

bathroom leak plumbing quick fix toilet - 4487589120
Created by John Ramsey

You Could Probably Use One or Two More

overkill plumbing sink wtf zip ties - 4545834496
Created by ArneSalvesen