There, I Fixed It


The Adaptive Plumbing Solution

plumbing fire hydrant - 7119166720
Created by Justin

Latex Lovin'

dual use gloves plumbing Professional At Work - 5826441216
Created by Unknown

Some Faucets Aren't Afraid of Heights

bathroom kludge faucet plumbing - 5006548736
Created by Unknown


bathroom Kludge pipes plumbing - 3979681792

Oh Danny Boy!

faucet pipes plumbing sink - 6243053824
Created by Kamil the Plumber

That Bench is Too Fun, Let's Rain on His Parade

drain pipe plumbing Professional At Work - 4755749632
Created by Unknown

Toilet Leak: Disaster Averted

bathroom leak plumbing quick fix toilet - 4487589120
Created by John Ramsey

Who Needs a Plumber?

plumbing funny there I fixed it - 7716444416
Created by R41N3

Portable Sewage Transportation System

bathroom plumbing Professional At Work - 4537069568
Created by Unknown

Follow The Piping!

landlord pipes plumbing wtf - 5270646016
Created by isabelle127

Bathroom, Library. Same thing.

plumbing sink books funny - 7446174208
Created by Unknown

Child Proofing At Its Finest

bathroom holding it down plumbing poll Professional At Work quick fix tape toilet - 4814122496
Created by Unknown

No Plumber Required

plumbing there I fixed it - 7848278784
Created by binarycortex

The Stopper Was Broken.

bathroom dual use Nailed It plumbing stopper tools - 4745795840
Created by Unknown


Kludge overkill pipes plumbing Professional At Work - 3797956608
Created by Unknown

Plumbing Fix

plumbing soda bottles Electrical tape there I fixed it - 7845529344
Created by devildog052111
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