There, I Fixed It


There Are Many Things to be Worried About Here

electricity plumbing shower wtf - 5866605312
Created by Dremdosh

Two Lefts Don't Make a Right

duct tape faucet plumbing sink - 4577233664
Created by Unknown

I Need To Shut Off The Water! Just Give Me 5 Minutes!

fire hydrant overkill pipes plumbing tax dollars at work - 4801139456
Created by mandrappa

They Don't Pay Janitors Nearly Enough

cleaning clever mop plumbing Professional At Work sink - 4770242560

Apparently Water Drains Up Now

bathroom pipes plumbing shower - 4828794624
Created by Unknown

It's a Bit Tricky To Change the Temperature

laziness plumbing Professional At Work shower water - 4647947776
Created by Unknown

More Than One Way To Fill A Bucket

bucket measurement plumbing sink water - 4582981376
Created by Unknown

I'm Sorry Sir, I Don't See Any Leak

bucket dual use pipes plumbing - 5446280704
Created by esfrolios

Time for a Hot Shower!

plumbing shower funny g rated there I fixed it - 7408061696
Created by LOLdogexpert

Now It's The Sink's Problem

Office plumbing Professional At Work sink - 5563687680
Created by TullFan

I'd Rather Not Know Where That's Coming From

hose plumbing shower wtf - 4720982016
Created by Unknown

Better Than a Tea Kettle

dual use fire heater hot tub jacuzzi plumbing water - 4801354496
Created by Unknown

Is This How Intercoolers Work?

cars DIY g rated plumbing there I fixed it wtf - 5602667776
Created by Unknown

Why Cut When You Can Bend?

plumbing there I fixed it toilets - 7862917888
Created by Unknown
plumbing sink Video wtf - 20324353

I've Always Wondered How Sinks In Poland Work

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

drain duct duct tape plumbing - 5571697152
Created by Unknown
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