There, I Fixed It


The Last Thing He Wanted Was To Be Tied Down To Some Hose

hose plumbing sink zip tie - 4989879296
Created by Matt

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

drain duct duct tape plumbing - 5571697152
Created by PJ

More Than One Way To Fill A Bucket

bucket measurement plumbing sink water - 4582981376
Created by dale
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Another Toilet Problem

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Why Cut When You Can Bend?

plumbing there I fixed it toilets - 7862917888
Created by Jesse

They Don't Pay Janitors Nearly Enough

cleaning clever mop plumbing Professional At Work sink - 4770242560
Created by Unknown

Who Needs a Plumber?

plumbing funny there I fixed it - 7716444416
Created by R41N3

We Took Care of Your Mold Problem

bathroom duct tape plumbing shower waterproof - 4787031040
Created by Ruskyj

His and Hers Shower Head

plumbing shower wtf - 5821507840
Created by DogAteMyCheezburger

How Much Time Do You Spend In There?

bathroom dangerous plumbing television - 4795352832
Created by -HAPPYCAT-

The Stopper Was Broken.

bathroom dual use Nailed It plumbing stopper tools - 4745795840
Created by Unknown

And That's Our Shower Cabinet

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Created by Unknown
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I've Always Wondered How Sinks In Poland Work

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Bathroom, Library. Same thing.

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Created by Unknown

Drinking In The Shower Has Its Perks

bathroom kludge beer can plumbing - 5015234048
Created by nevinjhill

Almost There, UK!

Hall of Fame plumbing sink wtf - 5815580928
Created by Leano