There, I Fixed It


Objects on Highway Are Stupider Than They Appear

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Created by masonhoff


can opener drill kitchen overkill - 4205941248
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bike bike lock overkill - 4243421696
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Landlords Are So Helpful

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Created by eaglegolfergirl

So Bad It's Good

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Created by Kordite ( Via )

Just When You Thought You Could Never Run Out

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Created by jamiedon

I'll Take This To Mean Nebraska Can Get Warm

air conditioner cars overkill - 5402206976
Created by Rebecca

Helicopter Dreams

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Created by dikirill

Inspired by Rainbow Road

cable DIY g rated overkill technology there I fixed it wtf - 5558020096
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Dexter Gets His License Suspended

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Created by master47

Core 2 Toaster

appliance fan kitchen kludge overkill toast - 4843264768
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I Don't Think I'll Trust This TP

overkill Professional At Work scotch tape toilet paper wtf - 4598167040
Created by Jack

Nope, This Isn't Overkill At All

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You're Supposed to Put it Together AFTER You Get Home

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