There, I Fixed It


Turn on a fan it's boiling. These airy and light memes and jokes will have you your head spinning. You can always use a Japanese fan to try to cool off and save, but don't be too enthusiastic, you might end up heating yourself up more than cooling down.

Light Fixtures Getting Too Hot?

fan light fixture - 6401655808
Created by your name


cardboard computer fan - 4190314752
Created by Bastiaan

Extensive Cooling

air conditioning box fan cooling fan - 6210407424

You Want Cool? I'll Give You Cool!

computer computer tower cooling fan - 6620965632

Wood Never Fails!

fan metal prop stand wood - 6309985536
Created by LyniahNilex

Hey, This Isn't the Swamp!

cars fan MAD SCIENCE wtf - 4333858304
Created by Unknown

Desk Fan, Get Down From There!

ceiling fan desk fan electricians-tape fan - 6206507520


computer parts cooling fan overkill - 3660209664
Created by Dennis the menace

Where's Xzibit When You Need Him?

ceiling fan fan Xzibit yo dawg - 6283097088

Don't Do It Fan, You Have So Much To Live For

dual use fan heating oven winter - 5460704768
Created by Unknown

Stark Industries Presents Barney 2.0

clever computer fan dual use fan - 5266651392

He's Started On The Biggest Case Mod in History

computer fan computer repairs cooling dual use fan - 4788590592


air conditioner cool fan hose Kludge water - 3748956928
Created by Patrice Guillemette

Summer Fan

flip flops fan - 6911839488
Created by Unknown


fan fire hazard wheelbarrow - 3010404096
Created by theandytune


bad idea college fan unsafe - 3246810368
Created by Joxn Nardolilli