There, I Fixed It


Turn on a fan it's boiling. These airy and light memes and jokes will have you your head spinning. You can always use a Japanese fan to try to cool off and save, but don't be too enthusiastic, you might end up heating yourself up more than cooling down.

The Pro Lettuce Cutter

cooking knife fan kitchen g rated there I fixed it - 7135843328
By Unknown

Hanging a Fan WIN

fan - 6351453184
By thomasaelliott

Our Love Can Never Be

computer repair fan holding it up - 5165810176
By LandP


cardboard computer fan - 4190314752
By Unknown


fan hose ladder - 2951304704
By Ben

High-Tech Rig, High-Tech Cooling

computer repair cooling fan - 5783757312
By Nik0lette

Foam Laptop Pads

ac air conditioning cooling fan foam - 6319767296
By Epicurme

Extensive Cooling

air conditioning box fan cooling fan - 6210407424
By Unknown

Core 2 Toaster

appliance fan kitchen kludge overkill toast - 4843264768
By ZachSeale (Via

Everyone Come Over! I've Got Air Conditioning!

ac air conditioning fan - 6484598272
By Lulutchi


bicycle bike fan - 4058778624
By Unknown

I'm Surprised It Isn't on Fire...

fan gpu wire - 6532531200
By Bajsherre

I'll Just Sit By The A/C Vent Thanks...

fan no thanks screwdriver unsafe - 3413412864
By Unknown

That's a Really Cool Processor You Have There

computer repair cooling fan - 5025863168
By ali


fan heater ingenuity Mission Improbable oven - 3037107200
By my cold beachside apartment

Jamming Those Hot Tracks

cooling electronics fan overkill stereo - 5220119552
By Unknown