There, I Fixed It


Turn on a fan it's boiling. These airy and light memes and jokes will have you your head spinning. You can always use a Japanese fan to try to cool off and save, but don't be too enthusiastic, you might end up heating yourself up more than cooling down.

High-Tech Rig, High-Tech Cooling

computer repair cooling fan - 5783757312
By Nik0lette


computer cooling fan gpu monitor - 6580973312
By tscare

Kustom Kooling Kludges

computer fan cooling fan zipties - 6374349312
By Zyon_senpai

Don't Do It Fan, You Have So Much To Live For

dual use fan heating oven winter - 5460704768
By Jon


bicycle bike fan - 4058778624
By Unknown

Frickin' Amateurs...

fan - 6530132224
By Unknown

We Need a Sharper Fan!

fan wall - 4662048768
By Joe

Spin Spin Spin Spin Spin... Banana Fan!

banana dual use fan gifs wtf - 5220278272
By Unknown


fan hose ladder - 2951304704
By Ben

Light Fixtures Getting Too Hot?

fan light fixture - 6401655808
By Unknown

No pump, No problemp

duct tape fan Kludge mattress - 3778808320
By Unknown

Check Out Our New Office Heating System!

dangerous fan heater safety first - 5767275008
By Unknown

You Really Thought This One Through, Didn't You?

computer computer repair fan overkill - 4657321984
By Neill94

Foam Laptop Pads

ac air conditioning cooling fan foam - 6319767296
By Epicurme

This Fan Lives Life on the Edge

bookshelf desk fan fan - 6235495168
By Techman


air conditioner cool fan hose Kludge water - 3748956928
By Unknown