There, I Fixed It


Pull Handle To Release...Door?

cars door wtf - 4406825216
Created by Unknown

I See a Pew Things Wrong With This

bad puns cars safety first - 5052643328
Created by master baiter

Good Thing He Has All That Insurance

bumper repair cars weird wtf - 4798894080
Created by Unknown

I See At Least One Thing Wrong With This

abomineering boat cars dual use wtf - 4624014848

Raze The Roof

car repair cars dual use engine hood - 4515229952
Created by shaunisaloser69

Platinum Window

cars duct tape car repair windows - 7183803392


cars g rated moving day there I fixed it towing winter - 5522669824

I Do Love Vaulted Ceilings

cars wood roofs funny - 7575936256
Created by AnassRhammar

Since There Aren't Really Public Ashtrays Anymore

side mirror cars there I fixed it - 7846880000
Created by Unknown

The Best Ideas Do NOT Come Up During Beer Pong

cars dual use solo cups tail lights - 4498909184
Created by FUUURRRT

Never Pass up a Mattress Sale

cars moving day truck - 5586272000

A New Reason for Bunched Underwear

car repairs cars funny - 7676943872
Created by Tiny_hay

German Engineering, Midwest Aerodynamics

cars moving day overkill - 5500585472
Created by Unknown

The Hood's Fixed

cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7816467200
Created by LyokoTravels ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Next Time Try Stainless Steel

cars clamp windshield wipers - 3641492736
Created by Mae B DeWeerd

No, No, Shiny Side In

cars dangerous duct tape tires wheels - 4600227328
Created by Unknown
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