There, I Fixed It


Red Bull Gives You Fire

zip ties red bull cars funny - 7655395840
Created by Unknown

Wood You Believe It's Homemade?

cars DIY cab trucks g rated there I fixed it - 7228380416
Created by captainjackrackham

No Thief Would Dare

cars dashboard radio stereo woody - 4737406208
Created by bendingspoons2


cars scissors - 4325582848
Created by Unknown

Multi-tasking vehicle

abomineering cars dual use rv wtf - 4552482048
Created by Pete

Sealed For Freshness

cars dual use hood tape - 4928591360
Created by JulieQ

When You Run Out of Bricks

cars dual use holding it up theft - 5620020736
Created by Mariam

On Your Labor Day Road Trip, Be Safe

cars driving dual use holidays wtf - 5003436288
Created by Patrick

Bonus Points If You Attach It To The Steering Wheel

cars clever dangerous dual use spring windshield wiper - 4701566976
Created by Unknown

No, We Don't Need to Have That Delivered

cars there I fixed it - 8013424384
Created by Unknown

Can't Mask This Fix

cars holding it up tape window - 4841733120
Created by Molly-In-Md

There, I Tied It

cars christmas trees there I fixed it g rated - 7963645184
Via Izismile

Never Pass up a Mattress Sale

cars moving day truck - 5586272000
Created by Unknown

There, I (Temporarily!) Fixed It

cars wood duct tape there I fixed it - 7833315840
Created by 4TUN3_

Colombian Blend Left, Decaf Right

cars coffee cup dual use turn signal - 5783666688
Via Reddit

No Bike Rack? No Problem!

bicycle cars dangerous driving stupidity - 5244012800
Created by Unknown
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