There, I Fixed It


$30,000+ Car, $5 Ratchet Strap

car cars hood - 5741451520
By Brian Ritchie

I Would Have Tried Some Good Ol' Caulk

cars sealed windshield - 4466953472
By Unknown

A New Reason for Bunched Underwear

car repairs cars funny - 7676943872
By Tiny_hay

Could Barely Even Tell

camouflage cars tail lights tape van - 5129475072

All Secured!

cars luggage there I fixed it - 7974185216
By Unknown

It's Gonna Be a Loooong Wash

cars cleaning dual use overkill - 5519417600
By hamandcheesecake

Not Exactly "Clean"

art cars there I fixed it - 7876334848
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Patchwork Car

cars duct tape funny - 7650938624
By Unknown

Not A Good Thing To See When Entering a Cab

cars safety first taxi - 5446695936
By el.carl2

Great Weight Reduction Strategy

cars dual use hood tape - 5688076544
By Unknown

Volvo or Pickup?

cars its-a-truck-now poll woody wtf - 4516073984

Cheap Substitutes Can Be a Vice

cars dual use stick shift - 5294981120
By Netognos

Awww He's Still Learning

cars training wheels truck wtf - 5839311360
By mmcdowel

Always Carry a Spare... Or Two

bumper repair cars dual use tires - 5145158144
By Jo

Is There a Smudge on My Windshield?

cars dangerous safety first trucks weird windshield wtf - 4804770816
By Emma

For Big Boo-Boos

cars bandages there I fixed it - 7962310912
Via Izismile
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