There, I Fixed It


Not The Camping Trip They Expected

cars safety first tent wtf - 4412649984
Created by Unknown

When You Run Out of Bricks

cars dual use holding it up theft - 5620020736
Created by Mariam

I Don't Need The Carfax. This Looks Legit.

cars foam sealed wtf - 4467451136
Created by teamjawbreaker

Classic: This Is Why They Had To Walk To Mordor

cars classic holding it up weapons - 4648374016
Created by Unknown

Cheap Substitutes Can Be a Vice

cars dual use stick shift - 5294981120
Created by Netognos

Pity the Person Behind Him When it Falls Off

cars funny air conditioners - 7643109632
Created by tpc3301

Objects In Mirror May Be Rounder Than They Appear

cars dual use mirror rearview - 4496598784
Created by cheekmac

Replacement Car Grill

cars duct tape package waterproof - 4525679872
Created by John

It's a Bag of Air. What More Do You Want?

cars perfectly safe funny g rated there I fixed it - 7635037696
Created by Unknown

The Ultimate Child Safety Lock?

cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7857673728
Created by Jon

Bonus Points If You Attach It To The Steering Wheel

cars clever dangerous dual use spring windshield wiper - 4701566976
Created by Unknown

Yeah, That'll Hold It

cars duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7710052352
Created by Janae

But What Do I Put My Keys On Now?

cars funny there I fixed it - 7739802880

It's a Chevy, Err No Wait it's a GMC!?!?!?

cars - 7323414784
Created by bloodybrit

Mad Science Monday: Taking SETI To The Streets

cars duct tape Mad Science Monday satellite dish wtf - 4659999232
Created by Unknown

Combine 1, Car 0

cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7886770432
Created by C Carpenter
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