There, I Fixed It


Two Kludges in One

roof rack windows cars wood tape there I fixed it - 7175920640
Created by jecartwright

Problem, Officer?

license plates cars car repair - 7160832512
Created by AnassRhammar

Could Barely Even Tell

camouflage cars tail lights tape van - 5129475072
Created by FRIETZAK

Mad Science Monday: Taking SETI To The Streets

cars duct tape Mad Science Monday satellite dish wtf - 4659999232
Created by Unknown

Police Won't Find This Suspicious At All

cars dual use green energy solar power wtf - 4553294592
Created by Unknown

Hang in There, Muffler

hangers cars funny - 7568128000
Created by VeVeN ( Via )

The Parts Are Still There, They Just Need Some Fastening

bumper car cars - 5747179008
Created by Greg

Troubled Automobile Rain Protection

cars dual use tarp - 5709895680
Created by nezah


bumper cars wooden bumper woody - 4341261056
Created by Unknown

No Draggin' Round These Parts!

cars engines - 7145254144
Created by Unknown

For Big Boo-Boos

cars bandages there I fixed it - 7962310912
Via Izismile

For Underground Adventures

cars exhaust overkill wtf - 5801172480
Created by Mark


cars door handle silverware - 4231914496
Created by Unknown

Don't Worry, They're Tied Down Really Tightly

FAIL cars mattresses moving funny there I fixed it - 7486040320
Created by mk

It's Drive Like a Pirate Day

cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7909031936
Created by timothy.brummett

Because Thieves Never Carry Tools

cars locked up security wheels - 4989724416
Created by -Ghost-
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