There, I Fixed It


Something's Missing

cars engines - 7155631104

VW, This Cheat Might Be a Little Too Obvious

FAIL cars - 8571621376

Parcel Tape - The Less Committed Tape

cars funny tape - 7685647872
Created by Unknown

Smart Men Rent a U-Haul

cars moving funny g rated there I fixed it - 7686143232

Tubular Bumper

bumper repairs cars dual use wtf - 4551152640

I Think There's More Room on the Top

couches cars moving funny g rated there I fixed it - 7548577536

Best of Both Worlds

cars steering wheel wtf - 4621280512
Created by Unknown

Holy Spoilers, Batman!

batmobile cars batman funny - 7670173184

The Ultimate Child Safety Lock?

cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7857673728
Created by Unknown

The Beetle Keeps Evolving

beetle cars its-a-truck-now VW - 4887861760

Mobile Car Fort

2x4 cars fort moving wtf - 5338144512
Created by LT

Fishnet Tights Got Us Home

cars there I fixed it g rated - 7826382592
Created by Unknown

I Would Have Tried Some Good Ol' Caulk

cars sealed windshield - 4466953472

Electrical Tape Spray-Painted to "Match"

cars Electrical tape funny spray paint - 7659625728
Created by FelineRanger

Binding the Goods

elastic cars there I fixed it - 7829512448
Created by PonyJay

The Weasleys Finally Could Afford a BMW

cars windshield wipers funny - 7656728576
Created by Heartofzen

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