There, I Fixed It


Clearly This Was His Wife's Idea

cars dual use gross windshield wiper - 5363205120
Created by Unknown

Gas Can != Gas Tank

cars dangerous driving gasoline wtf - 4468486400
Created by Unknown

The Quickest Way To Get Pulled Over

cars dual use safety first solo cup - 5414850304

Pinstripe Hubcap

wires cars - 7153171200
Created by Unknown

Only in Wisconsin

cars funny bumper there I fixed it g rated - 7772697344
Created by Unknown

A Quick Fix That Won't Pull the Paint Off

cars funny there I fixed it - 7784625152
Created by pdidy1 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

It Even Keeps the Side Mirror Dry

plastic sheeting cars duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7797708800
Created by Unknown

How's the Reception Now?

cars funny there I fixed it g rated - 7456418304
Created by Simba83

The Beetle Keeps Evolving

beetle cars its-a-truck-now VW - 4887861760


cars duct tape - 4210359040
Created by SergeantPoptart

It's Gonna Be a Loooong Wash

cars cleaning dual use overkill - 5519417600
Created by hamandcheesecake


cars g rated moving day there I fixed it towing winter - 5522669824

Is This How Intercoolers Work?

cars DIY g rated plumbing there I fixed it wtf - 5602667776
Created by Unknown

You Just Wanted The Radio Fixed, Right?

antenna cars elastic holding it up radio - 4629544960

Helicopter Dreams

cars overkill windshield wipers - 5327667200
Created by dikirill

Blind To Common Sense

cars door driving dual use - 5349562624
Created by Mikhail Shuparskiy

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