There, I Fixed It


Get supercharged with these hilarious battery memes. From our watches to our cars and planes, batteries run practically everything. A salt and battery is nothing to sniff at, but pepper definitely is. So give yourself a shock to your system with battery laughs to keep hustling like the Energizer bunny.

The Battery Boost Bonanza

battery computer Hall of Fame laptop - 6435440384
Created by Kat34587

Toasted Flatbread

battery bread laptop - 5967053568
Created by Unknown


battery computer mod more power - 3452931328
Created by Unknown

Finally, A Decent Battery For The Droid™

battery cell phone dual use overkill - 5183762944
Created by Unknown

I 'C' What You Did There

battery dual use holding it up - 5385522944
Created by Mirko Doelle

AA x 3 = D

batteries battery - 6385757696
Created by mavroxur
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