There, I Fixed It


Get supercharged with these hilarious battery memes. From our watches to our cars and planes, batteries run practically everything. A salt and battery is nothing to sniff at, but pepper definitely is. So give yourself a shock to your system with battery laughs to keep hustling like the Energizer bunny.

The Power Has Been Re-Routed

battery internet router technology - 5138236928
Created by tranzistoren

I C What You Did There

battery dangerous dual use electricity flashlight tape - 4790393600
Created by Unknown

Power Out? Not on My Android!

battery android charger phone - 6714613504
Created by potstech


battery driving Kludge motorcycle - 3213745664
Created by Unknown

The Portable Electro-Battery-Airhorn

air horn battery - 6274550272
Created by osvaldoljunior


battery car clamps dangerous electricity rust - 4184474880
Created by Unknown

Gimme a Boost!

battery charger phone charger smartphone - 6240552192
Created by Unknown

Toasted Flatbread

battery bread laptop - 5967053568
Created by Unknown

I Don't Think It Works This Way

battery electricity tape video games - 4579945472
Created by scottieniven


battery computer mod more power - 3452931328
Created by Unknown

Extended Battery

battery phone rubber band smartphone - 5936742912
Created by Flux

When Rechargeable Devices Fail Us

battery hair - 5708237312
Created by ruralcoder

C- Battery

battery doesnt-fit electronics - 4692293120
Created by Unknown


battery headphones Mission Improbable mp3 player - 3566940928
Created by mmxsse

Got Groceries? Want Some Battery Acid With That?

basket battery groceries motorcycle storage - 6293431552
Created by Unknown

Laptop Cooling Unit

ac battery cooler cooling fan laptop laptop battery - 6559229440
Created by OmegaRageMaster
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