There, I Fixed It

Never Grow Up

cars China jeep wheels wtf - 5559176192
Created by Unknown

Haha! My Archnemesis!

vacuum vacuum cleaner - 6179982848
Created by emperorquinto ( Via Obvious Winner )

MK1 Cortina Cup Holder

clamps cup holder duct tape - 7385713408
Created by bob.dyer.507

Makeshift Wiper

wiper windshield wiper - 6761981184
Created by Hammer McSmashy

Only A Mad Hatter Would Think of This

safety first science - 4969972480
Created by grexxman
Video - 36576769

The Record-Setting Rube Goldberg Machine

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There, I Fixed...Absolutely Nothing, Apparently

there I fixed it - 7350291456
Created by danthecomputerman

Lean Back! Lean Back!

holding it up kitchen kludge sink - 4372773888
Created by Unknown

Get Outta My Way!

car lawn mower straps transportation trunk - 6134489856
Created by Tom

Nothing Stops a Toronto Street Game

hockey sports staples - 5660090624
Created by Unknown

This Toilet Could Really Use a Wash-er

Cheezburger Image 4333055232
Created by josiahrooney

I Don't Think It Works This Way

battery electricity tape video games - 4579945472
Created by scottieniven

Using a DIY Attitude to Attract New Residents

tax dollars at work - 5440270592
Created by Unknown


apple kitchen milk crate nom Professional At Work - 3492729856
Created by Unknown

Separate Faucets No More!

cold faucet good idea water bottle - 4291724032
Created by Unknown


band aid college hat Mission Improbable - 3491084544
Created by Unknown