It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This... [Condom]

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By Unknown

At Full Health, You Can Shoot Lasers Out of Your Sword

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By Zac

Don't Leave Home Without It

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By Unknown

Fruity Links WIN

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Via Geeks Are Sexy


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By toxicalien

Cookin' in Style

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Via Etsy
baby nerdgasm parenting Video video games zelda - 40624897

Zelda Nursery WIN

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Music FAILS: Shut Up and Take My Rupees!

g rated guitar mod Music FAILS video games zelda - 6432710144
By Dr.Rockso
cover funk guitar Video zelda - 39572481

Music FAILS: Legend of Zelda Funkified

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Instead of a Rearview Mirror, Navi Yells at Him When He Almost Backs Into Something

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By Jazzure

Workplace WIN: Business is Booming at Lon Lon Shipping

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Via Geekologie

Workplace WIN: The Wind Awaker

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By Unknown

Missing Link

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By Unknown

LEGO Pixel Art WIN

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By Unknown

Zelda Cross-stitch WIN

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Via Epic Ponyz

Not Sure if Meteora or Majora

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By Unknown