Hacked IRL: It's Dangerous to Boat Alone

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By Ondrajka

Virginity Saved!

cardboard sword zelda - 5917592832
By Unknown
harps Video video games zelda - 34878465

Vidya Game Music IRL

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Which is Why You're Playing Zelda Now

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By Catherinekiss
link Video video games zelda - 34457345

World's Largest Ocarina (Or the World's Smallest Link)

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WIN!: Stained Glass WIN

art design g rated legend of zelda nerdgasm nintendo stained glass video games win zelda - 5733981440
Via Pawncakes

License Plate WIN

car driving legend of zelda license plate nerdgasm nintendo zelda - 5715165696
Via aheadofhistime

I've Got A Treasure For You Right Here

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By Unknown
music video nerdgasm Parenting Fail the legend of zelda Video video games zelda - 30039041

Parenting WIN: It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Take a Kid

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Them's Fightin' Words

dumb video games zelda - 5473780736
By Soleilia

Nintendo WIN Showdown!

clever legend of zelda Metroid nerdgasm nintendo repurposed triforce zelda - 5496463360
By Unknown
legend of zelda nerdgasm Video video games wii zelda - 29625089

Serious Gaming WIN

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I Didn't Think Young Link was QUITE That Young...

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cover dramatic nerdgasm the legend of zelda Video violin zelda - 29370625

Dramatic Zelda Medley WIN

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The Legend of Zelda IRL

IRL video games zelda - 5322630144
By Unknown

Hyrulian Flash Drive WIN

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