Meet the Restaurant That Wants to Be the Worst Reviewed Restaurant Ever on Yelp

restaurants food yelp - 8322468864
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We All Scream for Subpar Service

customer service ice cream yelp failbook - 8322568448
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It Was Just a Rash, Honest!

review gross yelp - 8285044224
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sexy times funny Video yelp - 62816001

Rate Your Mates With Sex Yelp!

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Time to See What the Fuss is About...

business sign yelp - 8256633088
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-0/5 Would Not Recommend

reviews yelp - 7829847296
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Guy Posts Negative Review of a Spa on Yelp, Spa Owner Shoots Right Back

yelp monday thru friday - 7803533568
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Are You Sidious, Dude?

star wars yelp monday thru friday - 7466485760
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Yelp Reviews for Prison

reviews yelp prison - 7256765184
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And the Taco Bell Didn't Sell Big Macs!

reviews taco bell McDonald's yelp - 7062146816
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Best Maid Service EVER

reviews yelp - 7064166912
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Those Bastards!

yelp - 6925676032
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Stupid Taco Bell, Lern2Wendy's

google maps taco bell McDonald's wendys yelp - 6843484672
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But, stevefoodguy356 Said It Sucked!

restaurant review sandwich yelp - 6241357056
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WIN!: Customer Reviews WIN

customer g rated movie theater review what win yelp - 5700869120
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Yelp Review WIN

abraham lincoln customer historic review theater yelp - 5132754432
Created by DaDemotivators
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