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Jerk Boss Refuses to Accept Data Management Worker's Resignation, Tells Him He's Not Allowed Leave

What kind of insane power trip is this boss on? Does he seriously think he can just order his workers not to quit? There's a word for the type of relationship this boss is looking for—and it's not “employment.” This guy seriously thinks himself a feudal lord and that all of his “serfs” are dependent on him for life or death. That guilt trip of "how could you leave and do this to your coworkers" is a common manipulation tactic… and there are too many red flags to count here. He's probably trying…
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'I should be getting overtime each time I pick up the phone': Employee demands to be paid for any calls they take outside of work hours

You can tell the hypocrisy of a management decision by how quickly it gets swept under the rug when someone calls them out. A similar phenomenon happens when a bad decision is made; everyone tells them that it is bad. They don't listen until it's too late and then pretend that nothing happened when the inevitable fallout occurs. The phenomenally named Reddit user u/juicybuttfarts, had the former scenario occur when they were told they would have to start paying for their personal phone calls on…
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Coworker calls woman a "nasty girl" after throwing trash in her candy bowl

What is it about the workplace that causes grown-ass adults to lose all common sense? Sure, they probably don't want to be there—but none of us do either, and we're not going around making life more intolerable than it already has to be. The similarities between what you experience in the workplace and middle school classroom are just a testament to the fact that most people never mature; instead, living their lives in the same perpetual state of petty behavior and hatred as they did when they…
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Entitled Karen coworker insists woman's out of work commitments are less important than her children, sparks office drama

Is your personal time less important than your coworkers just because you don't have children? This woman was asked by her Karen coworker to cover an evening call for her. Karen's son had a soccer game that she wanted to attend, and she was getting desperate. The woman, who has since deleted the post, so we are unable to get her username, responded that she was unable to cover the call for Karen as she had plans already. She had a volleyball game to attend that she was partaking in. Further, sh…
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'Why are you talking?': Incompetent idiot coworker left helpless after rude response, gets fired

If you're going to go around being obscenely rude to other people, there are bound to be consequences—somewhere, sometime… at some point. You can't go about spreading the same toxic negativity and not expect the universe to throw it back in your face at some point. After all, you reap the seeds that you sow. Well, this terrible coworker was known for their rude responses, hot takes, and general know-it-all attitude; they landed themselves in hot water after rudely refusing assistance from their…
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Bad Boss Steals Super Bowl Tickets, Loses Client and Pays Hefty Price

I wish I could say that this story ends with the partner being kicked out of their own firm and having to pay back the $10,000 worth of tickets they stole from their poor worker — alas, that's not always the way the world works. I love a good over-the-top revenge story as much as the rest of you — the kind of story that feels like it would be right at home in the pages of a classic Detective Comics comic book; complete with exclamations “Bang!.. Pow!" as the boss is getting their behind handed…
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my (17f) manager had me leave the new girl waiting tables on her own, so I took her at her word.

'A customer called in and complained': Lazy restaurant managers refuse to help teen workers with lunch rush, get customer complaints

Being appointed as a leader generally means that you should be doing at least a little bit of leading: sitting on your cell phone while your teenaged workers suffer the onslaught of a rush is not that. It's a sure sign that someone shouldn't have been appointed to the leadership position they are in and is instead a living, breathing example of the “Peter principle.” Other times the issue is worse still, and the person's appointment to their leadership role isn't due to any previous performance…
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He had put a rule in place that nobody was allowed to recycle a broken laptop other than himself.

IT Supervisor "Dave" demands all to-be-recycled computers pass across his desk, ends up with a giant mountain broken computers

We all have a “Dave” in our life. The thing is — Dave can sometimes be wound a little too tight…
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'If anyone had to walk down the hall [...] they'd grab the pedometer': Overbearing wife insists husband, 'Bob,' engage in unhealthy amount of exercise, good guy coworkers pitch in to help out

Those who love us often want what's best for us, but sometimes they can overstep and cause us further grief — just ask this guy whose mother called his boss to ask why he wasn't home on time. Their well-meaning intentions can manifest into something that really isn't good for us — usually in a metaphorical sense; In the case of Bob and his wife, her overbearing insistence that he get plenty of exercise might have actually killed him. This is why we need to help those in our lives who need it an…
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Manager Demands Their Inferior Process is Followed, Predictable Outcome Ensues

There is something about being a manager that makes you think you know better than the actual people doing the work. Maybe it's in the way that even a tiny semblance of power links neurons in their brain that cause them to overestimate their knowledge and abilities. This dreadful disorder of “manager-ism” afflicts many a manager you might have encountered. This is how it was for Reddit user u/AdElectrical5354 in a story they shared with Reddit's popular r/maliciouscompliance subreddit. Their ma…
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No morning coffee for you

Teachers Get Revenge on Horrible Head of Department, Target Her Morning Coffee

The roasted her like a coffee bean.
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