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Funniest Christmas Memes of the Most Glorious Fail/Wins of the Season

Are these people geniuses or just making their mishaps look intentional? In Hollywood the most common advice you'll hear from a seasoned industry professional is that you gotta fake it until you make it. For some people, those same principals apply to their own non-Hollywood lives, especially during Christmas time. Everyone always thought their parents were just being regular people when they hung up the Christmas lights on a two-story house , but now we realize that our parents were actually s…
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"It was the least I could do considering all the sh*t I used to steal from here": Dwayne Johnson Buys Hundreds of Candy Bars From His Childhood 7-Eleven in a Wholesome Act of Redemption

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lawyer charges company for using his work sample on real case

Lawyer Applies To Scam Job, They Use His Work, He Successfully Charges Them For It

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radio station request line mix-up revenge

Radio Station Won't Fix Phone Mix-up, Dad Starts Telling People They've Won Free Cars

It was effective.
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receptionist recognizes abuser's voice and saves the day

Boss Badmouths Receptionist, Eats Her Words When She Gets Abuser Arrested

Whoa look, an actually good outcome.
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karen at beach wants kid to put shirt on because scars make her uncomfortable

Beach Karen "Politely" Demands Kid Hide His Scars From Her Children, Gets Told Off

The sheer audacity.
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Boss denies worker a promotion, they stop doing his job, he gives in

Boss "Doesn't See Need" For Promotion, Coworkers Stop Doing His Job, Make It Obvious

Hey look, a need.
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woman takes of prosthetic leg to make parking lot bully look stupid

Entitled Guy Tries Bullying Woman Out Of Disabled Parking Spot, She Shows Him The Stump

Loud and clear.
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employee usurps business from bad new owner

New Owner Lets Company Burn, Employee Yoinks Whole Business

The keys to the kingdom.
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story about rental car place tries to charge extra day so guy takes car mudding and fee gets cancelled

Guy Muds Himself Out Of Unfair Rental Charge

There are times to fight dirty.
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tenant gets fine for giving neighbor car space, pays fee as inconveniently as possible

Tenant Gets Unfair Fine, Pays In 37 Installments

It's the small things. 37 of them, to be precise.
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revenge petty revenge cheapskate win - 16115205

Cheapskate Tries to Renegotiate Price of Goods on Pickup, Ends Up Paying More

Don't try to renegotiate on pickup.
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Management cancels overtime pay, IT files lawsuit after logging work hours | Posted by u/jbanelaw Manager Company Policy Is Do NOT Pay Overtime Tech Sure, OK, Whatever Epic Sometimes as consultant get see an office functions an outsider perspective. Since are an independent contractor company treats differently than an employee. Also, just due nature contract work engagement is usually short term. This makes temporary fixture and sometimes are just treated as fly on wall

Management Illegally Bans Overtime Pay, IT Gets It All Back

Never mess with IT.
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moron FAIL stairs cars lol dumb idiots stupid win - 107822337

Idiot In SUV "Successfully" Makes It Down Stairs

To be honest, it's always been a little tempting while driving to see if you could make it down a set of stairs. But it's not exactly a thing most of us would want to risk with our own cars and/or stairs. Luckily this smooth-brain ventured on to find out for the rest of us that, yeah, it's possible, but no, it's not advisable. Now the real challenge is seeing if they can make it back up.
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A shady customer cons a front-end developer, and then a glorious pro revenge ensues.

Customer Cons Front-End Developer, Tech Revenge Ensues

Don't mess with the tech gurus.
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Employee forced to do crazy shift, quits but then gets a raise and promotion | Posted by u/SGCanadian 17 hours ago Gets fired, ends up with promotion instead oc L This story comes used work global big box store may or may not start with W As an aside they also aren't known well they treat staff either TL;DR at bottom. At time this happened worked store room unloading trucks and bringing stock floor be stocked by overnight crew. Our shift at time 330pm-12am. Our store manager made clear no

Employee Walks Out, Gets a Promotion

If only quitting got everyone a raise.
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