impressive costume ridiculous funny Video win - 107487745

Costumed Person Destroys The Drums At Children’s Music Concert

Just a bit overqualified.
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sketchy awesome ridiculous scam Video win - 107487233

Woman Steers Clear Of Classic Car Flipper Scam By Bringing Mechanic Friend Along

Things are not what they appear to be.
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A funny Tumblr post about some smart humans getting the Curiosity Rover to sing itself "Happy Birthday!"

Tumblr Post: Humans Get Curiosity Rover To Sing "Happy Birthday"

Good vibes all around.
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impressive cool pumpkins halloween awesome ridiculous Video win - 107478017

1223 Pound Giant Pumpkin Timelapse

Mesmerizing stuff.
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A funny Quora post about what a guy would do if he was kidnapped by a chess grandmaster.

A Dude's Wildly Imaginative Hot Take On Freeing Himself From Chess Grandmaster

What a Chad.
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HOA president gets homeowner to join the HOA under false pretenses, and a masterful revenge ensues.

HOA President Gets Homeowner To Join HOA Under False Pretenses, Masterful Revenge Ensues

Really, a thing of beauty.
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Employee fights back at rude VP of HR by stacking up trivia team.

Accountant Assembles The Avengers Of Trivia Knowledge, Righteous Victory Ensues

Sweet, sweet malicious compliance.
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Server snaps on table that fails to tip properly for a massive bill.

Server Snaps On Customers That Fail To Tip Properly For Massive Bill

They all but ordered that reality check off the menu.
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Woman outwits Karen the building manager with a clever greenhouse workaround.

Woman Outwits Karen The Building Manager With Greenhouse Workaround

That's how it's done.
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awesome ridiculous Video win - 107475201

The Largest and Heaviest Metal Forge in the World

What a bewitching spectacle.
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Dude ends up training his roommate to sleep through his alarms after a ton of infuriating antics.

Guy Secretly Trains Roommate To Not Respond To Morning Alarms

Sounds like the guy had it coming.
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People describe the best insults that they've ever heard.

22 Of The Best Insults People Have Heard

Brutal, imaginative, and occasionally hilarious.
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card counting awesome casino ridiculous Video win - 107469825

Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies

Don't get any ideas.
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Wholesome story about a caring taxi service owner who helped out a customer in need.

Lazy Cab Driver Makes Woman Late To Work Again, Company Owner Steps In, Saves The Day

Kevin had it coming.
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A funny Tumblr post about how Halloween stores work in America.

Australian Tumblr User Can't Handle Americans And Their Halloween Stores

But they're so much fun.
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impressive customer service awesome Video win tiktok - 2759686

Burger King Employee Runs Store Alone In Viral TikTok Video

Crushing it.
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