tumblr thread on meat-eating plants

Tumblr Expounds On The Meat-Eating Nature of Plants

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funny tumblr gems

Resplendent Tumblr Gems of Random Hilarity

Shiny, too.
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weird cursed images

Strange And Cursed Images to Pump Up The Weird

Thanks, internet. I guess.
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Music email funk lol goofy scam funny weird - 107511041

Musician Turns Scam Email Into Funk Opera

Honestly it's the only acceptable way to respond.
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cave goat tumblr is creepy

Tumblr Thread: Extinct Cold-Blooded Cave Goat Is An Objectively Creepy Animal

Those eyes.
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funny tumblr posts

Random Tumblr Gems That Glint In The Moonlight

There's always something new to learn or complain about.
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wtf screaming seal seal scream tom hanks yelling seal scream six lol funny weird Video animals - 107508481

Seal Screams Like Tom Hanks

Now if only they could get it to say "Wilson."
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funny weird history moments

Wild Historical Moments That Are Too Bizarre To Seem Real

History. It's a lot.
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weird items for sale on craigslist and facebook marketplace

Wild Garbage People Tried Selling Online

Okay, thanks.
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dumb and funny things kids did

Funny Signs Kids Are Dumb As Heck

Who knows, maybe they'll turn out okay.
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scooby doo wtf wheel of fortune impression lol weird - 107506433

Pat Sajak's Scooby Doo Impression Is Violently Off-Putting

Like, wow.
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weird compliments

The Strangest Compliments People Received

"Uh, thanks?"
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strange wtf cursed images

Dreadful Cursed Images To Inspire Discomfort

Well that's weird.
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Twitter thread story of dad's abandoned plane in India

Twitter Thread: Dude Tells The Tale of The Abandoned Plane At An Indian Airport

What a wild ride.
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wtf lol 90s weird stupid dinosaurs t rex - 107496193

The Trailer For The Forgotten Woopi Goldberg Dinosaur Buddy Cop Movie

Wow, it's kinda like Bright.
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twitter thread about weird reasons people got in trouble at work

The Weirdest Things People Got In Trouble For At Work

"You're blinking too loudly."
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