funny jokes from twitter

Funny Tweets To Mercifully Lift The Unamused Out Of Boredom

Hoist those spirits.
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cursed, weird toilets

Cursed Toilets That Are Definitely Our Number Two Choice

That seat needs to be lowered.
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people who failed job interviews with a question

Job Applicants Who Tanked Interviews With A Single Question

"So is this like an every day thing?"
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strange and rare things people are in the 1% of

Intriguingly Rare Populations People Are In The 1% Of

Everyone's got a thing.
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A collection of the most notable glitch in the matrix moments from the month of June.

Glitch In The Matrix Moments

Existence is trippy.
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funny, random and ridiculous tumblr gems

Funny Tumblr Gems To Paw At Like a Bawdy Victorian Tax Collector

The visual makes sense, sort of.
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funny weird wtf images from the internet

Weird Internet Stuff To Peruse, Amuse and Confuse

Thanks, internet.
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tumblr thread about science and knitting

Tumblr Thread Seamlessly Weaves Knitting And Science

Ha, it's a thread.
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tumblr thread on rich people's empty mansions

Tumblr Thread: The Big, Weird Empty Mansions of Rich People

Mansions used to make more sense. Sort of.
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weird kids and strange things kids did at school

Weird and Wild Things Kids Did At School

Never a dull moment.
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A collection of cursed images that are deeply unsettling.

Deeply Unsettling Cursed Images From The Dark Depths Of Existence

Maybe too much cursed going on.
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aunt wants kid to swim in what she thinks is a pool but is actually an alligator paddock

Entitled Aunt Demands Her Kid Get To Swim In "Pool" Full Of Alligators

Observation is key.
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creepy warning signs

Creepy Signs That Aren't Fooling Around

They're serious.
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funny best of nextdoor tweets

Golden Neighbor Moments From Best of Nextdoor

Something thy neighbor.
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A collection of cursed products that surprisingly exist in this world for some reason.

Cursed Products That Exist For Some Reason

It's a weird world that we live in.
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twitter reacts food in binders lady

Twitter Responds To Lady Whose Fridge Is A Food Library

Please don't be real please don't be real.
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