I'd Bet People That Live There Are Happier

unless you like cops, don't smoke weed in 46 of the 40 states
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Sorry, Boss I'm a Little Spaced Out

Don't smoke weed before work
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2 Chainz Smokes a Gold Covered Joint!

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So That's How You Get All Potted Up!

good instructions for smoking pot
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Pro Tip: Don't Hide Your Weed in a Container Marked "Not Weed"

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Don't Let Your Kindergartner Smoke

wtf drugs weed funny after 12 - 8455810048
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You Don't Want to Get Fat Do You?

marijuana is a terrible drug
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This Just In! Pot Heads Are Slaves to Vegetables!

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The Sign Is Truth

it's good advice for life
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What Else Would He Be Doing?

smoke weed everyday
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You Don't Want to Do the Weed

weed does terrible things to you
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Dammit, I'm All Potted Up

those damn kids, all potted up.
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Disneyland Hospitality Is Getting Better and Better

It really is the happiest place on earth
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The Only Way to Fly

who doesn't love these two things?
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Why Weed Makes You Hungry and Are Animals Getting Larger?

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Oprah Knows What Her Audience Wants

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