Just Rolling a Sugary Blunt

rolling up a fruit roll up blunt
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Got Some Mad Skills

always increase your blunt skill
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Seems Like a Good Cause

always pair weed with burritos
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That Is So Many Blunts...

snoop dog smokes a lot of weed
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That's What Weed Feels Like? SIGN ME UP!

Honestly, it's even better.
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George Washington Was Pretty Damn High

He grew some potent hemp
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Saying No to Weed Has Never Been So Radical

drugs aren't cool, but this is.
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The Only Movie You Need to Watch for St. Patrick's Day

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So That Park Near My House?

drugs weed funny home - 8461944064
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Smoking a Bluntasaurus

or would you call this a bronto-blunt?
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Taking the Knockout Challenge

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At Home It's Always Friday

at work I'm more responsible than carlton
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It Is Cool, Just Not Legal

brewing is as cool as growing weed
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Trust Me It's Just as Good as Weed

marijuana is almost as good as sleep deprivation

Weed Fixes Everything

marijuana makes everyone happy
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Think She Smokes?

that's a hell of a weed jumpsuit
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