Get as High as You Want Just Please Be Courteous

weed smokers need to be courteous
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I Don't Know What That Smell Is

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How Much Do You Know About Pot

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That Ape Is Vaped!

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Way Better Than Chicken Nuggets

awesome weed funny - 8413455616
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Art Teachers Need to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

The simpsons know all art teachers smoke the pot.
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Man, Weed Sure Is Strong Nowadays

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Those Are My Favorite Contests

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Good Weed and Good Vibes Gets You Rides

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This Is Why Koalas Shouldn't Smoke

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Smoke Away the Memories

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Sometimes You Just Need to Hide Your Stash

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Amazon Always Has What I Need

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The Sexiest Lady Ever

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The Greatest Medicine of All Time

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Fool Proof Marijuana Detection

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